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Do You know Your Inspectors Qualifications!

A home inspection is a non invasive visual examination of the home and its components. That being said there are a lot of sub par home inspectors out there and it may be difficult finding the one that has the right qualifications to suit your needs. A home inspector should be certified from ASHI - American Society of Home Inspectors- or InterNACHI - International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Some states do not require home inspectors to be certified. Michigan is unfortunately one of those states. A lot of folks may think just because their home inspector has grey hair and has been a builder for 30 years that he obviously is the right choice for the job. That couldn't be farthest from the truth. Home inspectors are required to be experts in every field, ranging from, Roofing, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, masonry, structural, and so much more!

We at Locker Inspection Services provide only the highest quality home inspections and at a competitive rate. I started my journey in the home remodeling and inspection industry many many years ago and quickly realized my love for architecture, building, and the technical side of things. Having a strong passion for helping others, home inspecting came naturally for me.

Home inspectors can find many issues with a home, ranging from a cracked foundation, damaged shingles on the roof, improperly altered floor joists in a basement, exposed live busbar at the electrical service panel, and extensive moisture damage. All of which have the potential to be very costly repair. A home is potentially the largest purchase you will ever make so it is important have an inspector that is focusing on protecting your investment!

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